History Heroes LONDON quiz card game: an award winning  game to educate & entertain:

  • 40 of the greatest characters who made and shaped London
  • Win the cards by guessing the characters from the facts on their cards
  • Win the game by winning the cards!
  • A great game for all ages from 8 – 80+ to play together
  • Choose your level of fact from green to red; easiest to hard
  • Discover how much you know and learn what you don’t

History Heroes’ LONDON quiz card game contains fantastically illustrated, fact-packed, individual cards of forty of the greatest characters in the Capital’s impressive history.

  • The game contains the people, who helped make and shape London both physically and culturally. Characters, who  built and, in some cases, destroyed London, such as Boudica, the Romans, Christopher Wren and Richard Rogers, rub shoulders with those who have given London its fantastic, rich cultural history too, such as Shakespeare, Laurence Olivier, David Bowie, Mo Farah and Vivienne Westwood.

    The aim of the games is to try and win the cards by guessing who the characters are from the facts read out from the cards. Players can play the games as a gentle voyage of discovery or  viciously competitive game by choosing easy, hard or quirky facts from each card. Win the cards by guessing correctly, who the character is from the facts read out on their cards. The winner is the one with the most cards at the end of the game



Technical details:Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 7 x 1.8 cmItem weight: 123gManufacturer’s recommended a..

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